Friday, 25 January 2013

Conveniently Healthy. Spinach Cubes.

Including a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables in an everyday diet can be challenging. Incorporating spinach into shakes and smoothies is an easy way to add an important green-leafy vegetable to your meals and snacks. 

To save time and make sure spinach, especially if purchased in large quantities, doesn't spoil, making spinach cubes is a convenient way to preserve and later utilize the uneaten spinach.

Spinach Cubes:

4 cups fresh baby spinach - tightly packed
3/4 cup filtered water

Combine both ingredients in blender and blend until spinach is very thoroughly blended. Pour mixture into BPA free ice cube trays, filling each evenly, and freeze. To determine how many spinach cubes equals 1 cup of spinach, divide the number of ice cubes made by the number of cups of spinach originally used. If needed, slowly add more water until your blender is able to make a pourable mixture.

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Healthy Life Tip: The Environmental Working Group reported that spinach is one of the 12 most heavily pesticide-contaminated produce products, so make sure to purchase USDA Organic spinach whenever possible to ensure your spinach is pesticide-free. You can also check out the whole list of the "Dirty Dozen."

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