Monday, 28 January 2013

Sit Less, Move More. 9 Ways to Add Physical Activity to Your Day.

Modern conveniences have eliminated many of the necessary physical activities that used to be part of everyday life, and subsequently adding them back into a daily routine requires a conscience effort. Here are nine ways to sit less and move more from the American Council on Exercise.

9 Ways to Add Physical Activity to Your Day:
  • Take a quick walk around the block or your house before getting ready in the morning
  • Walk 30 minutes at lunch
  • Have a "walk and talk" meeting rather than sitting at a desk
  • Pace when talking on the phone
  • Work while standing rather than sitting at a desk with adjustable-height desks or treadmill desks
  • Walk for 15 minutes right when arriving home, before getting preoccupied with home responsibilities 
  • Walk with your children or spouse and talk about your day
  • When parking the car, choose the space farthest from the door
  • Make it a general rule to avoid all labor-saving devices (e.g., escalator, elevator, and moving walkway)

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