Tuesday, 26 February 2013

5 Back Stretches and Strengthening Exercises.

Here are 5 exercises and stretches that you can do anywhere to help improve your mobility and stability. Remember, it is always better to stretch after your workout. Here's why.

Cat Camel: This exercise focuses on the stability of your entire core, including your lower back, abdominal, and hip muscles.

Downward Facing Dog: This exercise helps stabilize your joints, enhance balance, and use the strength of your arms and legs to evenly stretch your spine.

90 Lat Stretch: This stretch helps to improve flexibility in the latissimus dorsi to facilitate mobility between the hips and shoulders

Glute Bridges: This exercise helps to improve hip mobility and stability, and core stability, by activating your glutes.

Spinal Twists (advanced): This works to promote trunk rotation primarily through your thoracic spine.

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