Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Easy Balsamic Tofu English Muffin Sandwich!

Tofu English Muffin Sandwich:

1 serving extra firm organic tofu - cut to filet shape
1 organic tomato 
1 organic English muffin
4 tablespoons your favorite organic balamic vinegar dressing (to calculate nutrition info subtract remaining amount in pan from amount you started with - usually about 1/2)
Some organic Lettuce, baby spinach, or mixed greens, whichever you prefer
Organic Italian seasoning

Drain and slice tofu into filets. For this recipe I use 2 filets as a serving size. Using a regular size container of tofu, slice into 6 rectangles.

Heat pan over low heat and place 2 tbsp of dressing onto pan and a sprinkle of Italian seasonings. Stir seasoning into dressing and then place both filets of tofu into pan. Gently use fork to poke some holes into the tofu, add 2 remaining tbsp to top of tofu and then lightly sprinkle Italian seasonings on top. Let cook on low for 5 min and then flip the tofu, gently poke several more holes and cover the tofu with remaining dressing in pan and sprinkle another layer of Italian seasoning on top. Let cook for an additional 5 min. 

While tofu cooks, slice tomato into thick slices and lightly sprinkle some Italian seasoning on one or two slices, rinse and set aside lettuce, and toast English muffin. 

Once the tofu is done, layer onto English muffin and enjoy! 

Only one filet and one tomato slice tends to fit well into an English muffin, so I always chop up some extra lettuce and have the second slice with the lettuce and remaining tomato as a small side salad - and the tofu is so moist you don't even need extra dressing!

Nutrition Info (based specifically on 1 serving nasoya organic extra firm tofu, 2 tbsp 365 Organic Balsamic dressing, 365 organic english muffin):

342 calories, 15.7g fat, 2g sat fat, 0g trans far, 0mg cholesterol, 541.2mg sodium, 35.8 carbohydrates, 4.5g fiber, 6.2g sugar, 17.1g protein

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