Saturday, 15 November 2014

Healthy Recipes for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving can always be a tricky time to stay on track with your health goals or your healthy lifestyle, whether you're hosting a gathering or traveling to one. Here are some
of my favorite healthy recipes that can help you have both a flavorful,
fun thanksgiving, and remain on track as well!

If you're planning on having a heavier meal, here are some light appetizers you can easily make ahead of time to serve or bring with you:


Warmer finger foods are always fun as well. All of these wonton recipes are fun and healthy for everyone:


For the two taco wonton recipes above, you absolutely can't be without this Easy Avocado Dip:

And, finally, for some heartier appetizers, you'll want to check out these:



My family has always started Thanksgiving dinner with a traditional Italian tortellini soup. However, this light vegetarian seasonal soup would be a perfect start to any Thanksgiving meal. It's smooth and packed with flavor:

Here are some fun, healthy, and seasonal sides to include as well:


I hope this helps give you a few ideas as to what you can include in your Thanksgiving day, whether you swap out an older, less healthy recipe on your menu, or you simply bring along a healthier appetizer. For more recipes, you can check out the All Recipes tab, or check out my Pinboards for hundreds of different healthy recipes, especially Healthy Party Ideas.

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For more, check out:


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