Friday, 6 March 2015

The Healthy Life Blog is Under Construction!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your continued subscriptions, shares, viewership, and support. Temporarily, please excuse any missing posts or broken links to recipes on The Healthy Life blog as it undergoes some restructuring.

When I started the recipe section of this blog, my intention was to take typically unhealthy food favorites, and create healthy versions of them. All of my recipes were predominantly vegetarian/vegan as I have never been fully comfortable consuming any meat products. As I have continued to explore the world of healthy living and eating, I have become increasingly aware of the ethical implications of even vegetarian choices.

For some time now I have been phasing out these vegetarian options in my own life and it is time that my blog reflect that. Until now I had been keeping the old vegetarian recipes up and making all of my new posts vegan because the majority of views to this blog came through those older recipes. That's just not a good enough reason anymore.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle includes living a mentally healthy life as well. I have always been passionate about the environment and animal rights and tried to ensure that my everyday choices aligned with those beliefs. Choosing to follow a vegan diet is just another step. The health benefits of a plant based diet are undeniable and I have always strived to incorporate them into my life and this blog. I now feel I have the tools I need to share a fun, healthy, and realistic whole foods/plant based lifestyle with all of you as well.

Eventually all of the old links to non-vegetarian recipes (just 2), and vegetarian recipes will be restored with vegan versions of those favorite recipes. Until then, please enjoy the recipes that are live on The Healthy Life Blog and I would love to hear from you regarding any of your own food favorites you would like to see made vegan.

Thank you for your patience and I look forward to sharing many more exciting recipes with you!


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