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Veslemoy - Le Grand-Palais - RTW 2016 - PFW

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    Veslemoy - at Chanel - Le Grand-Palais - RTW 2016 - PFW

    I live in Oslo, Norway, where I study art and biology. I am 17 years old, and my biggest
    interests are drawing portraits, desgining clothes, and reading books! I love to gain new
    information. I have a lot of dreams but my «top three» are to study at Harvard, travel
    the world, and meet Karl Lagerfeld, hehe. My biggest nightmare would be to rail those
    dreams, and never be able to learn new things and grow as a human being. For the
    Chanel-day I wore a vintage Chloé coat-dress, Adidas X Pharrell Williams shows, and the
    handbag is made by me !

    Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion 

hebergement d'image

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