Monday, 22 February 2016

Tofu "Egg" Breakfast Sandwich

Tofu Egg Breakfast Sandwich:

1 organic english muffin
1 package extra firm organic tofu
vegan cheddar cheese (for this dish I prefer to shave some of Daiya's Medium Cheddar Block)
organic extra virgin olive oil
organic turmeric
organic cracked pepper
optional garnishes: sliced tomato, vegan bacon, avocado, salsa... make it your own!

Drain and press the tofu well then cut into 4 filets (once lengthwise, and once widthwise). To save time, I would suggest doing this the day or night before and storing it in the refrigerator overnight so it's already prepped for the morning.

Heat a fry pan over medium heat then coat the pan generously with olive oil and allow the oil to warm. Sprinkle some turmeric and cracked pepper into the oil and reduce heat to medium-low. Place a single filet onto the pan and immediately press down firmly with a spatula and move the tofu in small circles preventing it from sticking to the pan. If it begins to stick, reduce heat further and continue to move around while pressing firmly. Continue to press down and move the tofu around the pan. During this time, sprinkle some turmeric and cracked pepper on top of the filet as well.

Once the filet has been cooking for about a minute, add a second filet a repeat the same process ensuring it does not stick to the pan. Once the bottom has begun to very lightly brown and crisp, flip over and repeat the process on the second side. One side should take anywhere from 2-5 minutes.

Depending on how large your pan is, it may be best to cook two filets at a time.

Once the filets have been cooking for about 1 minute on the second side, add the cheddar cheese to the top side of the tofu, reduce heat to low and cover so that cheese can began to melt. Make sure to check and move the tofu around occasionally during this time to ensure it does not stick - be careful not to rush the melting process and turn up the heat - the tofu will stick.

While the cheese is melting, toast your english muffin, then add your tofu to the english muffin, add any extra garnishes, and enjoy!!

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