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Turkish olive oil brands have returned with quality awards from Terra Olivo, one of the most important olive oil quality competitions in Asia.WEEK: 9 QUALITY AWARD FROM TURKISH BRAND ISRAEL

In the contest organized in Israel (Jerusalem) and the participation of Turkey in the competition of Zeytindostu Association, it showed the success of receiving nine quality olive oil brand quality awards from various regions of our country. WELDING: 9 QUALITY AWARD FROM THE TURKISH BRAND ISRAEL

In Jerusalem, 631 olive oil samples participated in the fourth competition held this year and accepted from the most prestigious organizations of the region. In cooperation with Zeytindostu Association in Turkey, the organization has received nine medals, five of which are Turkish Olive Oil brands, participating in the Terraolivo 2017 Olive Oil Quality Contest and five "Gold" and four "Prestige Gold". The contest also received awards in the category of "Best of Country". 23 olive oil brands from Turkey participated in the competition in which the oil from almost every olive oil producing region in the world participated.Resource: 9 QUALITY AWARD FROM TURKISH BRAND ISRAEL

International Jury
Representing our country Zeytindostu Association Panel Chairman Biden Pehlivan represented a total of 36 international professional olive oil tasting experts from Spain, Israel, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, America, Russia, France, and Turkey. Pehlivan noted that the Turkish brands have achieved a certain level of quality and noted that recent successes in national and international competitions have been a sign of this. Source: 9 QUALITY AWARD FROM THE TURKISH MARKET ISRAEL

We encourage quality

Murat Çetin, chairman of the Zeytindostu Association, said that as an association, firms are encouraging companies for quality production in olive oil as well as individual producers. Çetin, "Very high-quality olive oil is produced in our country. These are oils that will compete with world brands. We will continue to encourage these producers and our brands to participate in national and international competitions. I congratulate our brands showing success ", he said. WRITER: 9 QUALITY AWARD FROM TURKISH BRAND ISRAEL

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