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Program Standouts:

The University of Advancing Technology offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Game Design. Since its beginning in 1995, University of Advancing Technology has been frequently named as one of the top game design programs in the world. The BA in Game Design at UAT is the only fully accredited game design program that connects to a full continuum of game development degrees which include:
  • Game Design Degree
  • Game Art and Animation Degree
  • Game Programming Degree
  • Serious Game Simulation Degree
The unique aspects of the BA in Game Design at University of Advancing Technology are the specialized categories from which the student can choose when he embarks on his line of study. Students must take time to explore all of the game design specialties offered in order to discover which they enjoy most. Many students at the University of Advancing Technology start out as Game Design majors but end up graduating with dual gaming degrees from UAT’s prolific suite of game degree programs.
Campus Location: Tempe, Arizona
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
Types of Aid: As of 2017, financial aid includes:
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Federal Loans
Acceptance and Graduation Rates:
  • Acceptance Rate: 86%
  • Graduation Rate: 23%
Admission Requirements: 
For undergraduate admissions, factors considered by the Admissions Committee include, but are not limited to, high school academic achievement, leadership experience, community and extracurricular involvement, awards/honors, technology involvement and experience, and career achievements and aspirations. All students must have a high school diploma from an accredited institution or a GED prior to beginning their first semester at UAT. All applicants are encouraged to submit ACT or SAT scores and college transcripts for review. Other criteria apply as well.
Program Sample Courses:
  • Game Testing and Analysis
  • Casual Game Design
  • Intermediate Drawing
  • The Solar System
  • Green Technologies
Degree Outcomes:
  • Prototype and complete original games
  • Create and implement game elements
  • Demonstrate best practices of effective game design
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate game designs for a variety of situations
  • Create game design documentation
  • Establish collaboration, mentorship and professional skills


Program Standouts: Rasmussen College offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design – Animation and Motion Graphics. The degree seeks to help students to launch or advance their career in the fast growing field of Animation and Motion Graphics. Students develop skills and creativity with online courses that include real-world design scenarios. The Bachelor’s Degree students at Rasmussen College can choose a Flex Choice option which allows them to combine traditional courses and self-directed assessments. This helps students to save time and money while pursuing a degree on their own schedule. The Animation and Motion Graphics specialization can help students to pursue careers in digital design, award-winning advertising, video game design or even 3D forensic animation and special effects movie graphics. To enhance their resume further, students at Rasmussen take the Adobe Certified Associate: Visual Communication certification exam in Adobe Photoshop, with an opportunity to obtain two certifications at no additional cost.
Campus Location: Maitland, Florida
Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission
Types of Aid: As of 2017, financial aid includes:
  • Loans and Grants
  • Flex Choice learning option
  • Loans and Grants
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Corporate and Military Discounts
Acceptance and Graduation Rates:
  • Acceptance: Open Admission
  • Graduation: 18%
Admission Requirements:
Entrance requirements at the Rasmussen College School of Design vary depending on the program. Rasmussen does not require enrolling students to submit standardized test scores; however, every entrant must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent.
Program Course Samples:
  • Advanced Color Theory
  • Graphic Design History
  • Advanced 3D Modeling
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
Degree Outcomes:
  • Proficiency in your craft
  • Specialized course work
  • Insight from experienced faculty
  • Relevant industry software
  • Hands-on experience to prepare for your career

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